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Kinhin is meditation in movement, i.e., walking. Kinhin is usually practiced between periods of  zazen (sitting meditation). Kinhin is walking in a completely aware state of mind; fully present here and now, and attentive to every detail of the posture.

Each small step is coordinated with the person´s breathing. With each natural and relaxed breathing in, the person advances one half-step. And with each breathing out, the person remains motionless, with the foot that has advanced supporting the full weight of the body, the leg fully stretched and pressing the floor with the base of the big toe. The body forms a vertical axis with the spinal column and the nape of the neck, and the chin is tucked in as in the sitting meditation posture. Breathing remains natural.

The hands are held in the following manner: the left thumb is placed in the palm of the left hand and is enclosed by the four fingers in a tight fist. The fist is held at the height of the solar plexus and presses against the sternon. The palm of the right hand covers the left hand. The arms are held parallel to the floor and the shoulders are relaxed, allowing the elbows to remain in a comfortable position.

With each step, body and mind walk together.