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Timetable for zazen

The center is open during the week in the times indicated in the timetable. Members may practice in any of these times.  It is advisable to have a regular weekly practice in order to gradually incorporate the practice in your daily life.

Every session is led by a monk/instructor.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the intensive zazen sessions (sesshin) that are organized at weekends at retreat houses outside of Barcelona, and   in the one day zazen sessions at the Barcelona center.

The timetable for daily zazen:

Tuesday7.15h a 8.30h
19h a 20.15h
Wednesday19h a 20.15h
Thursday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Friday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Saturday8.30h a 10h

The times shown indicate the beginning of zazen, please arrive 20 minutes before.

The session lasts about one hour. On Thursdays afternoon there are mondo (questions to the teacher who directs the meditation).

The center is open for information 30 minutes before the start of zazen.