Centre Zen Barcelona

How to start

Would you like to deepen in the Zen practice at the Barcelona Zen Centre?
Here are a few suggestions to start:

1 – Take part in an introductory course on zen practice.
Aquesta sessió d’ introducció es realitza un dissabte de cada mes de les 11h i també un divendres de cada mes a les 18.30h.
To take part in this introductory course you only need to send an electronic mail confirming contactar-nos your participation.
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It consists of an introductory talk on the origin of Zen and Buddhism, the teaching of the posture, the running of the centre and a session of zazen (zen meditation).
The contribution is 15 euros (paying this amount you can come to the center for two meditation sessions afetr the introduction).

2 – To establish a daily practice of zen meditation:
Those of you who want to establish a regular practice and enroll in a daily program of zen meditation (zazen) can attend to any of the available hours according to your possibilities.
An instructor will guide you during your first steps. It is strongly advised to maintain a regular weekly schedule in order to slowly integrate the practice in your daily life.

The membership fee is 35 euros per month.

3 – Zazen morning- Saturday from 8.30h to 14h (especially recommended for beginners):
This session of practice is especially suitable for newcomers and those persons who wish to participate in a program that includes seated and walking meditation, oral teachings, questions, postural corrections and instructions on the establishment of a regular zen practice.
For those who are new in the practice of zen and have had no previous experience, it is highly recommended to take part first in the introductory course on zen practice.
Morning sessions provide a good opportunity to familiarize oneself with the zen practice before participating in a full-day session (zazenkai) or in a longer retreat (sesshin).
Contribution fee: members 15€/non members 25€

Veure altres activitats

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contactar-nos.

Horaris de Pràctica

The center is open during the week in the times indicated in the timetable. Members may practice in any of these times.  It is advisable to have a regular weekly practice in order to gradually incorporate the practice in your daily life.

Every session is led by a monk/instructor.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the intensive zazen sessions (sesshin) that are organized at weekends at retreat houses outside of Barcelona, and   in the one day zazen sessions at the Barcelona center.

The timetable for daily zazen:

Tuesday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Wednesday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Thursday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Friday7.15h a 8.30h19h a 20.15h
Saturday8.30h a 10h

The times shown indicate the beginning of zazen, please arrive 20 minutes before.

The session lasts about one hour. On Thursdays afternoon there are mondo (questions to the teacher who directs the meditation).

The center is open for information 30 minutes before the start of zazen.

Becoming a member

Anyone desiring to practice at the Barcelona Zen Center must request membership and fill-out a form at the Center.


The Barcelona Zen Center is a non-profit-making organization that is financed through the donations and dues of its members and supporters.

Practice Membership : 35€ per month.

MieBenefactor Membership: 65€ per month.

Supporter membership: 15€ per month (for non-active members, without participation in the activities of the dojo who want to help in the center´s maintenance.)

Supporter membership: 15€ per month (for non-active members, without participation in the activities of the dojo who want to help in the center´s maintenance.)

The Barcelona Zen Center is a non-profit-making organization registered in 1983 in the Generalitat of Catalunya.