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Zazen’s Influence on Our Lives

“In our disturbed world,
practicing zazen means coming back to the human being’s true dimension
and rediscovering the fundamental balance of our existence”.

Taisen Deshimaru (1914-1982)

Zazen influences our entire being, body and mind. With regular practice, we depeen our understanding of our own life. This understanding is then reflected in our daily actions. When our mind remains in harmony with the zazen mind in all the actions of living, then our actions are naturally right.

As in zazen, we can be totally present in the moment, in the fullness of here and now. Our minds are pacified, without complications, calculations or fear. Egoism diminishes and we follow the flow of cosmic life more naturally. In this way, our relationship to others becomes easier, more transparent. Compassion and wisdom appear. We can then get down to what is essential, and life becomes simple. Zazen is the adult form of our lives. It is true happiness and authentic