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Mental Attitude and Awareness

“When the mind does not dwell on anything, true mind appears”.

The Diamond Sutra (1091-1157)

Just as proper breathing can only come from a correct posture, the mind’s attitude flows naturally from a deep concentration on the posture and breathing. In zazen, images, thoughts and mental constructs rise up from the unconscious, pass like clouds in the sky and vanish naturally. When personal thoughts are not encouraged, the awareness which is beyond thought and non-thought appears. This is returning to the mind’s original condition.

Master Wanshi said, “When, in silence, every word is forgotten, It appears before you with clarity.”

“It” is the reality of our lives in unity with the whole universe. When we do not try to attain the truth or cut our illusions, when we do not run away from or run after anything, the dualistic consciousness is quiet. We learn to know ourselves and harmonize with the true nature of our existence. A great inner freedom is realized.