A Zen Temple in Barcelona

2013 Crowdfunding Campaign



We are building a Soto Zen Temple. Besides being a place of meditation practice and teaching of Zen Buddhism, also aims to be a meeting and reflection that promotes a dialogue of social dialogue and interfaith.

The construction of the Temple consolidates a way that was born 34 years ago (in 1979) knowing the practice of Dogen Zenji transmitted by the Master Taisen Deshimaru.

We are a non-profit association that is funded through fees and contributions from members and supporters. We are rehabilitating a building of 500 m2 with such contributions for the construction of a meditation center open to you all, in Barcelona (Bacardí 10).



"In our troubled world
practicing zazen means returning to the true dimension of the human being and
rediscover the fundamental balance of our existence”

Taisen Deshimaru (1914-1982)

Today our society is more than ever in need of the strength and inner peace that Zen meditation can bring to our lives.

The benefits of Zen meditation, long known by the Eastern traditions and rediscovered by science in recent years, can relieve many beings in the difficulties of our world and help to find a path of peace and wisdom for all. A Zen temple opened to the society can contribute to a greater harmony, peace and spiritual health of the world in which we live.


planols temple zenplanols temple zen

The project is implemented at 90% and with the collective effort of many people has come near to the end. The total cost of the funding that is needed to finish is 45.000€.

It has done much of the work of rehabilitation but remain essential works to finish, especially what is required by law for a public school of this size:

Place walls, beamed ceilings and fireproofing, make drilling at the top floor, place an elevator for handicapped people, stairs, install all security measures ... and also pave floors, bathrooms and finishing a big room of meditation.

It means that few things remain to be done and without them we cannot move and open the activity.


"Our expiration is of the entire universe.
Our inspiration is of the entire universe.
At every moment, we realize the unlimited great task.
Experiencing this mind is to eliminate misfortune
and engender absolute happiness"

Kodo Sawaki, 1880-1965

The sum of many streams makes a big river.

Everything we've done and built has been due to the energy and effort of many people, always based on the collaboration and generosity. This is a matter of heart not from income. Together we can find a way to finishing it.

The gift, dana in Sanskrit, is a fundamental concept in Buddhism and part of our daily practice. During the 34 year life of our community many people have passed and whose generosity and contribution we all benefit today.

You can also help to create a Zen temple in Barcelona, being part of something that goes beyond us, a meditation center that can be a place of peace for all beings.

Any donation however small is very valuable.

Share this post and this practice with us in any way you can.


A Heartfelt thanks!



Our plan is simple and achievable on the condition that we have the necessary funds:

  • April, May, June: raise the necessary funds and processing licenses
  • July and August: completion of pending works
  • September: opening of the center and starting activities
  • 4th quarter of 2013 (date to be determined):

Opening ceremony of the new temple for which we expect a visit from Master Saikawa Roshi,  one of the founders of the temple, for which he made a beautiful calligraphy carved in wood during his last visit to Barcelona.

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